ARENA EVENTS is present at all the major sporting events, from the Champions League to the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the 6 Nations Tournament.
True to our philosophy, we ensure the quality of these events in their entirety:

• Luxury accommodation
• Gourmet restaurants
Exclusive moments in selected locations

Invite your clients and employees to experience the greatest sporting events from the front row.
ARENA EVENTS has the particularity of being specialised and approved by Real de Madrid FC.

We organize your events


As a partner of Real Madrid, we have the necessary "tickets" to attend many matches in the biggest stadiums in Europe.
Madrid, of course, but also Barcelona, Liverpool, Dortmund, Marseille, Paris, Monaco, and many others, open the doors of their stadiums for the most prestigious and exciting matches, in the best V.I.P. conditions, in the company of our private consultant, Manuel Amoros, who leads the pre- and post-match briefs.
We organize your events


ARENA EVENTS offers you VIP packages and all the travel services around your favourite tournaments: hotels, logistic services and transport, restaurants, visits and cultural activities, private events.
Whatever your desires and your availability, ARENA EVENTS adapts to your needs to offer you the best rugby experience.
What oval ball fan wouldn't have dreamed of seeing All-Blacks, Sprinboks, Kiwis and Pumas battle it out?
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GP Moto & F1

Formula 1 Grand Prix or Motorcycle Grand Prix, we are present on all the prestigious sites in Europe, from Monaco to Valencia, or Castelet...
We allow you to get as close as possible to the demands and madness of these unique disciplines.
The competitions take place over three days, usually from Friday to Sunday, the date of the race. All the ingredients are there to satisfy the initiated and seduce the neophytes, and this in excellent conditions. At the heart of the competition, of course, but without forgetting the comfort, prestige and conviviality!
We organize your events


Our experience in organizing veterans' tournaments has led us to get to know famous players such as BORG, VILANDER, NOAH, VILAS, CASH and many others, essential relays to facilitate entry into the most famous tournaments in Europe.
An opportunity to appreciate the charm and atmosphere of these "magic" enclosures.